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EPX 2700

Yaskawa EPX 2700

EPX 2700 is medium painting robot. This robot features a hollow wrist design. The painting booth can be smaller, more compact size lowers the initial cost and the running cost. Right offset and left offset are available. Payload : 15 kg, Maximum reach P-point : 2700 mm

MH 50

Yaskawa Sealant and Adhesive Robot, MH 50

Powerful, high-speed robots with long/extended reaches offer superior performance in dispensing applications. Wide work envelopes with small interference zones, allow articulated robots to be placed close to workpieces/equipment which reduces required floorspace.

EPX 2800

YASKAWA Sealant and Adhesive Robot, EPX 2800

High-speed, versatile six-axis EPX2800 robot is ideal for automotive and other industrial coating applications.
Offers superior performance and creates smooth, consistent finish with outstanding efficiency for painting and dispensing applications.