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iQ-T Dispense Valve

GRACO Sealant and Adhesive Equiptment, iQ-T.

The iQ Tip Seal Dispense Valve offers high reliability for single component sealant and adhesive dispensing applications.

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E-Flo SP Pump

GRACO Sealant and Adhesive Equiptment, Electric Pump, e-flo SP.

The E-Flo SP electric supply pump is designed for industrial and automotive sealant and adhesive application. This advanced pump will drastically increase efficiency, improve system control capabilities, optimise process performance, and provide critical performance data.

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Husky 3300e Electric Pump

GRACO Process Equipment, Electric Diaphragm Pumps, Husky 3300e

Graco's proven quality and leading technology will keep you pumping longer. Husky electric diaphragm pumps are on the cutting edge of pump technology, providing you a significant decrease in operating costs and more control over your process.

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GRACO Process Equipment, Electric Diaphragm Pumps, Husky 3300e

Husky 3300e Electric Pump Specification

  • Air Inlet Size (in) : 0.375
  • Fluid Inlet Size (in) : 3
  • Fluid Outlet Size (in) : 3
  • Maximum Air Pressure (bar) : 5.52
  • Maximum Air Pressure (psi) : 80
  • Maximum Cycle Rate (CPM) : 185
  • Maximum Flow Rate (L/min) : 681.30
  • Maximum Fluid Pressure (bar) : 5.52
  • Maximum Fluid Pressure (psi) : 80
  • Maximum Operating Temperature (°C) : 82.22
  • Motor Type : AC Power Source : Electric
  • Standards Met : CE, ATEX
  • Voltage (V ac) : 240/415V