Our Capability

Paint Shop

  • PCS

    We properly designed piping network used to deliver paint to the applicator stations as well as maintain and control the material characteristics that are critical to the finishing process.

  • PVC Sealer

    PVC Body Sealer is white color, one-component paste-type, pvc resin-based product which incorporate additives. It can be applied to moving parts such as door, hood, trunk lid, outside body for watertightness, anticorrosive and sound damping.

  • UBC Sealer

    Underbody Coating

  • UBS

    Underbody Sealing
    The purpose of this application is the protection of the underbody of the vehicle from corrosion.

  • Paint Robot

    Paint Robot

Body Shop

  • Adhesive Sealer

    Adhesive Sealer

  • Mastic Sealer

    Mastic Sealer

  • Robotic Sealer

    Robotic Sealer

Assembly Shop

  • Glass Sealer

    Glass Sealer

  • Grease Filling

    Grease Filling

  • Oil Filling

    Oil Filling

  • Fuel Filling

    Fuel Filling

  • LLC


  • Door Lamination

    Door Lamination