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Authorized Distributor since 2015 for LVMP / HVLP Air Spraygun

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JGX-508 Gun

DeVilbiss General Purpose, JGX-508 Gun

Lightweight, compact & easy operation high performance spray gun featuring finest atomization. Air inlet pressure : 0.24 MPa (conventional) , 0.2 MPa (LVMP).

JGX 502 Gun

DeVilbiss General Purpose, JGX-502 Gun

Improvements on compactness with the spesifications of DeVilbiss best selling JGA specifications. Air inlet pressure : 0.10 MPa and 0.20 MPa.

JJ (JGX Junior) Gun

DeVilbiss General Purpose, JJ Gun

Lightness, compact body, and atomization is passed on from JGX along with excellent handling of FUN gun. Air inlet pressure : 0.10 - 0.20 MPa (conventional).