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Authorized Distributor since 2009 for Paint, Air and Chemical Hoses.

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Heat-Resistant Eco Hose

Togawa Food Hose, Heat-Resistant Eco Hose

Heat-Resistant Eco Hose is polyolefin product. A non-PVC hose which can be used for fatty foods. It is also superior in chemical resistance. Fluids : warer, various foods, chemicals. Application for food. Working temperature limit: Between -20°C and +80°C.

Silicone Hose

Silicone Hose

Silicon Hose is silicon product. Application for soft drinks, and high-and-low temperature equipment such as air-conditioners, transducers, and office automation devices. Fluids : warer, various foods, and chemicals. Working temperature limit: Between -30°C and +150°C.

Pure Foods Spring Hose(JHP)

Togawa Food Hose, Pure Foods Spring Hose(JHP)

Pure Food Spring Hose (JHP) is flexible PVC product. A safe hose conforming to the JHP specifications without harmful substances contained. Application for conveyance of foods and beverages. Fluids : food and beverages. Working temperature limit: Between -5°C and + 70°C.