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Authorized Distributor since 2010 for Horizontal Bellow Pumps.

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DX70 Diaphragm Pumps

Binks High Viscosity Equipment, DX70 Diaphragm Pumps

1:1 diaphragm pump with optimal fluid delivery of 34 fl Oz/Min (1000 cc/Min). DX70 outfits available with HVLP Trophy Gun. Mounting available in pail, cart, tripod, and wall. Reduces the cost and complexity of additional fluid regulators or surge chambers.

Maple Pump 15/3

Binks Mapple Pump 15/3

The Maple 15 pump is the finishing industry's best pump solution. Contains the best air motor and the best fluid section and is the industry leader for reliable operation, simple maintenance and hydraulic efficiency. The Maple 15 operates at 3:1 ratio, delivering 6 GPM at 60 cycles per minute.

Smart Pump E4-60

Binks Smart Pumps E4-60

The E4 pump use a standart EExd 4 pole AC electric motor to drive the fluid section, for pumping paints, solvents and other suitable materials. True useable flow rate up to 60 litres/min. Maximum volume achieved at 40 cycles per minute. Maximum inlet pressure is 2 bar.