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Authorized Distributor since 2009 for Liquid and Powder Bell System.

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Accubell 709 EVO

Sames Robotic Paint, Accubell 709 EVO

Accubell 709 Evo system is able to paint the complete car, including the highly sensitive door edges. The Accubell technology allow to spray waterborne or solventborne paint with internal charge. The Accubell 709 Evo is the only atomizer in the world that can spray the carried paint, which enables improved dosing accuracy and reduces the quantity of paint used.

PPH 707 MS


Sames Robotic Paint,  PPH 707 EXT

PPH707-EXT is robotic external charge atomizer for waterborne paints. PPH 707-EXT is exclusively equipped with the EX 65 Hi-TE EXT spraying technology. High transfer efficiency with a Bell/Bell process. Easy application on the outer surfaces of the car bodies (waterborne primers and base coats). Robustness of pattern. PPH 707-EXT allows a significant decrease of VOC (Volatil Organic Compound) emanations.