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Authorized Distributor since 2009 for Liquid and Powder Bell System.

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Auto MachJet

Sames Robotic Powder Coating, Auto MachJet

Auto Mach Jet is Automatic electrostatic powder coating applicator. Auto-Mach-Jet provides coating performance, good penetration of the paint spray, ease of cleaning, simplicity of use in order to allow you increasing your productivity and change colour even faster! The applicator Auto-Mach-Jet easily applies all types of powders on all types of parts. Supply bar : 7 bar +/- 1 bar, Max air flow : 6 mg3/h.


SAMES Robotic Powder Coating, inoBell

inoBell is electrostatic rotating powder bell. Perfect finishing, high transfer efficiency and with its large and flexible spraying patterns. Ideal to coat large or fan surface. This sprayer applies different powders with a thickness consistency inferior to 5 microns. Max powder troughput : 30 kg/h. Rotation speed (rpm) : 7500.